2.5M Recall Long Line New Puppy Dog Recall Training Aid Accessories

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Pet Training Product to help pets and their owners at whichever level of training they have reached.

Ideal tool for puppy training.

This 5M Recall Line is a must have for recall training; it allows the dog to be seemingly free and yet remain under control.

An essential tool for recall training and ideal to allow safe and controlled socialisation for puppies, young dogs, and aggressive dogs.

CLIX recall lines are well proven to be an essential aid for recall training and this latest light-weight version has been specifically designed from an ultra light yet durable fabric.

Perfect training tool for outings in a public place.

The soft padded webbing makes the recall line comfortable to hold.

Size is 5m

Colour black.

Training dogs and puppies is important as it gives them a better quality of life, helps to build the bond between pet and owner and ensures safety for both parties.