Brake Caliper Wind Back Adaptor to fit Ford Mercury Thunderbird Rewind Tool

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Brake Caliper Wind Back Adaptor.

Designed to fit Ford (USA) Mercury, Monarch, Thunderbird, Lincoln Continental, Subaru 1600 Kombi (79-), 1.6-1.8 SRX, Kombi (79-83), 1800 (84), 1800 Lim, Kombi, Tourismo 4WD (82-83) 1800GT, GTS, XT, Turbo (85).

38mm overall diameter.

10mm pins at 29mm centres.

Will fit on any standard windback tool. (6mm drive pins at 20mm centres)

Model compatibility is given as a guide. Sports models and model years can vary. Always check your caliper first if unsure.