Mini Push Type Grease Gun With 100 Grams Lithium Grease Tube Lubricating

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Professional mini grease gun for commercial or occasional use

Mini grease gun complete with grease

Suitable for precise and accurate lubrication for example on bike maintenance as well as other small machinery

Provides long life protection against friction as well as anti wear protection for disc brakes, wheel bearings, chassis suspension and universal joints


1. Screw the mini gun onto the tube of grease and tighten
2. Push the button several times until resistance is felt to bleed air from the pump
3. Push the button gently and steadily to apply the grease
4. Delivery will stop when the button is released


• DELIVERY RATE – 18g / 40 Strokes
• N.L.G.I – #2 Grade
• Dropping point – 180 Degrees C (356 Degrees F)
• Usage temperature range - -10 – 120 (degrees C)
• Thread size on the tube – M14 x 1.5
• Tube size – 100 grams
• Grease type – Lithium grade