1/2" Drive Deep Metric MM Alloy Wheel Nut Sockets 17mm 19mm 21mm

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Size 17mm
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Professional wheel nut sockets for commercial or occasional use

1/2" drive metric alloy nut sockets

Metric size sockets

1/2" drive so will fit any 1/2" drive ratchets, extensions, bars etc...

Hard wearing nylon sleeve on the outside of the sockets protects the wheels from chipping and scratching inside of the wheel nut holes

Plastic insert inside the socket protects the front face on chrome wheel nuts

Anodised for corrosion resistance

Double deep sockets are ideal for deep set wheel nuts

17mm, 19mm or 21mm size sockets

Colour coded for easy identification

3 different size sockets or one complete set to choose from simply click on the tab above to select the correct size required