1/2 Drive Flexi Flexible Head Ratchet Straight Handle 72 Teeth Quick Release

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Professional ratchet for commercial or occasional home use

1/2in drive flexible headed ratchet

1/2in drive extra long straight handled ratchet

Flexi head turns 90 degrees one way or the other

1/2in drive so will fit any 1/2in drive sockets, extensions, bits etc...

Forward and reverse at the flick of a lever

Quick release button so easy to get the socket off and at the same time the socket wont fall off when using this application

72 teeth so works in 5 degree increments so ideal for use in restricted areas

Manufactured from CR-v steel for maximum strength and durability


• 1/2in drive ratchet
• Flexi headed ratchet
• Flexi head through 180 degrees (90 degrees each way)
• Total length of the ratchet – 295mm
• Reversible at the flick of a lever
• Quick release button
• 72 teeth (5 degree increments)
• Straight handled ratchet
• Drive size – 1/2in.