1/2” Drive Mini Air Impact Wrench 1300nm + Shallow Impact Sockets 9 – 27mm

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This listing is for both an air composite impact wrench and 10 x shallow impact sockets ranging from 9mm – 27mm


Professional air impact wrench for commercial or occasional use

1/2” drive air impact wrench

Composite design allows for access in restricted hard reaching areas

1/2” drive impact gun so will fit any 1/2” drive sockets (impact or C R – v steel)

Standard gives up to 1300 Nm / 960 ft/lbs of torque

1700 Nm / 1253 fl/lbs NBT (nut busting torque) – “Nut-busting torque" is often quoted, with the usual definition being that the wrench can loosen a nut tightened with the specified amount of torque in some specified time period.

Compact, high performance impact wrench with a drive anvil made from a high quality durable material with a special heat treatment to ensure maximum working life

Twin hammer impact mechanism delivers balance power and 1700nm of torque

Ergonomically designed composite grip absorbs vibration which in turn reduces hand fatigue when using

Handle exhaust has a muffler to reduce noise and direct the discharged air away from the working area

Reversible by simply turning the lever on the back of an impact gun

Trigger operation for variable speed (this speed can also be controlled by moving the lever across on the back of the impact gun head)

Mini composite gun but high torque capacity

Twin hammer mechanism for maximum strength and durability


• 1/2” Square drive
• Free speed 7000 RPM
• Maximum torque – 1300 Nm / 960 ft/lbs
• Air inlet – 1/4" BSP
• Recommended air hose dimension – 10mm
• Air pressure 6 – 8 kg/cm
• Total weight of the impact gun – 2210 grams
• Noise 90 Db(A)
• Air setting dial on the rear of the gun
• Forward or reverse
• Twin hammer clutch
• Working pressure – 90 PSI


1/2” Drive impact sockets so as well as this impact gun it will also fit all other tools with a 1/2” drive for example ratchets, torque wrenches etc...

Metric sized sockets ranging from 9mm – 27mm

Shallow impact sockets so perfect for access in restricted hard to reach areas

6 sided single hex sockets

Manufactured from C R – v steel and treated for maximum strength and durability


• 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 13mm, 14mm, 17mm, 19mm, 22mm, 24mm and 27mm

Comes in a metal tray for easy storage, transportation and identification