1/2" Drive Shallow and Deep Male Hex Allen Key Bits 4mm - 12mm 15pc Bergen

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Professional too, for commercial or occasional use

Hex Allen Key Bit Set

1/2" drive so will fit any 1/2" drive ratchets / extensions / power bars etc...

Male Allen / Hex Bits shallow and deep

10mm hex shank perfect for limited access when a spanner is needed rather than use with a ratchet

Comes with a 1/2" drive bit socket adaptor which makes all bits suitable for use on 1/2" drive ratchets etc...


- SHALLOW BITS (30mm long) - H4 / H5 / H6 / H7 / H8 / H10 and H12
- DEEP BITS - (75mm long) - H4 / H5 / H6 / H7 / H8 / H10 and H12

Comes in a blow molded case for easy storage and transportation