1/2in Drive Click Torque Wrench Micrometer Style 60 – 330Nm Calibrated Certified

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Professional torque wrench for commercial or occasional use

1/2in drive calibrated torque wrench

Ranges from 60Nm – 330Nm / 44 Ft-lbs – 243 Ft-lbs

Dual marked in both Newton meters and foot pounds

Every bolt on a modern vehicle has a torque setting a torque wrench is essential to accurately judge how tight it is

Smooth action mechanism provides accurate torque setting each time

Manufactured from CR-v steel for maximum strength and durability

1/2in drive so will fit any 1/2in drive sockets, extensions etc...

When the required torque setting is reached the wrench produces an audible click and a slight release of tension

Clockwise torque only but can also be sued to undo by the switch of a lever on the ratchet head

Locking nut on the handle to set required torque settings

Designed to be utilised where accurate torque loads are required

Complete with calibration certificate

Comes in a blow molded case for easy storage and transportation


• Torque wrench
• Calibrated torque wrench – complete with certificate
• Drive size – 1/2in
• Total length – 570mm
• Torque settings 60Nm – 330Nm (44 Ft-lbs – 243 Ft-lbs) – dual marked
• Micrometer style adjustment
• Locking nut on the handle
• Quick release on the socket head
• Reversible (but not as a torque wrench)
• Comes in a blow molded case
• Complete with conversion chart