1/2in Drive Torque Setting Angular Gauge with Magnetic Flexible Arm for Fasteners

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Professional torque setting gauge for commercial or occasional use

1/2in drive torque setting angular gauge

Enables to accurately set the degrees of turn required in one step

For tightening automotive fasteners to manufacturers specification

The tool is used to gauge degree of turn when manufacturer calls for fasteners to be tightened further after torque loads are applied

Useful when vehicle manufacturers are specifying both torque and angle settings

Easy to read 360 degree dial gauge

Complete with magnetic flexible arm which aids in extra stability and precision

Designed to be used with1/2in square drive breaker bar

Steel dial and rotating index line allows user to accurately tighten cylinder head bolts and other fixings to manufacturers exact specifications


• Torque setting angular gauge
• Female 1/2in drive in (for use with power / breaker bar)
• Male 1/2in drive going out for use with all 1/2in drive sockets
• 360 degree dial gauge
• Marked in 2 degree increments
• Easily zeroed for next application
• Complete with magnetic flexible arm