1/4" Drive Extendable + Flexible Ratchet Socket Driver 72 Teeth Quick Release

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Professional ratchet for commercial or occasional use

1/4" drive extendable and flexible ratchet

Extendable handle and flexi head (turns 90 degrees one way or the other)

Easy to extend simply pull back the lever and slide the bar up, locks in different places for different lengths required

Length extends from 180mm – 230mm

1/4" Drive so will fit any 1/4" drive sockets, extensions, bits etc...

Forward and reverse at the click of a lever

Quick release button so easy to get the socket off and at the same time the socket won’t fall off when using this application

72 teeth ratchet so works in 5 degree increments so ideal for use in restricted areas

Rubber ergonomic handles for comfort and grip when using the ratchet

Hole in the end of the handle so perfect for easy hanging and storage

Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for strength and durability