10 Ton Portable Hydraulic Auto Body Dent Frame Repair Kit Porta Pack Jack

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

-10 ton portable power hydraulic jack kit for lifting / pushing / pulling / straightening / spreading and bending tasks in auto body and frame repair.

-Can be used for collision repair work.

-Comes with a polished hydraulic ram and cylinder to reduce abrasion

-Snap lock design for easy set up and use

-kits feature snap-together pipework for speed and threaded attachments for strength.

-Automatic pump overload system protects against damage to rams and equipment

-Connecting parts are zinc or cad plated for long, rust-free life

-Long handle means less pumping effort needed

-Heavy duty walled extension tubes to withstand the heaviest weights

-Allows for bodywork structures to be returned to their original shape.

-All attachments interchange with other popular makes so you can use your existing equipment


1. 1 x 10 ton hydraulic ram
2. 1 x hydraulic pump
3. Flex head
4. Plunger toe
5. 4 x extensions tubes – 4-3/8" / 10-3/8" / 14-3/8" and 20-1/2"
6. 90 degree v base
7. Female to female connection with a flat base
8. Separated saddle
9. Wedge head
10. High pressure hose and ram toe


- Load capacity – 10 Ton
- Max lifting height 135mm
- Cylinder minimum height 390mm
- Working pressure 62 Mpa

-Comes in a blow molded case for easy storage and transportation