10m Trailer Light Wiring Kit Rear Lights, Front Markers, Plug, Junction Box

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This kit includes all the parts you need to fit lights to a large trailer.

Ideal for new builds, refurbishments etc...

Includes rear lights, fog lamp and front marker lights.

Lights are approved and are 'e' marked.

Kit includes;

2 x Rear Trailer lights, 166mm by 82mm.
2 x Mini Front Marker Lights.
1 x Rear fog light.
1 x 7 pin trailer plug with screw connections.
1 x 10 Way Waterproof Junction Box. Allows all lights to be connected together in an easy way.
10m of Automotive Grade 7 Core Cable.
5m of Automotive Grade Twin Core Cable for wiring the side markers and the fog light.
16 x Spade Crimp terminals for connection to the lights.
Full set of bulbs for the lamps.