10pc Short Torx Tamperproof Torx Star keys with Holder T9 – T50 Anti Slip Grip

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Professional Short tamper proof torx set for commercial or occasional home use 10pc coloured Short Tamperproof star key set Short Tamperproof Torx / Star key set

Torx / star keys ranging from T9 – T50

Short torx keys for access in restricted areas

Suitable for use with torx products

Anti slip coating for maximum improved grip

As well as this the Shorter keys allows greater amount of torque to be applied to the fasteners

Manufactured from CR-v steel for maximum strength and durability

Suitable for use with all torx products

Heat treated for added strength and durability

Anti slip coating for improved grip when using the keys

Chamfered tips / ends for ease of entry into openings

Comes complete in a tool holder with easy size identification markings

Suitable for both torx bits as well as tamper torx bits (as has the hole in the end of the torx keys)


• T9 (50mm), T10 (55mm), T15 (60mm), T20 (65mm), T25 (70mm), T27 (80mm), T30 (85mm), T40 (95mm), T45 (105mm) and T50 (115mm)


• 10pc Tamperproof Torx set
• Short torx bits
• Tamperproof star bits
• Manufactured from CR-v
• Anti slip coating HRC 52-55
• Suitable for use with torx products
• Size range T9 – T50