12" and 24" 2pc Set Of Aluminium Scaffolding Builders Spirit Level Handheld Levels

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Professional spirit level for commercial or occasional use

Lightweight 12 and 24" / 1 and 2 foot spirit level

This is a 2pc spirit level set for a 12" and 24"

Aluminium lightweight spirit levels

Lightweight for convenient usage

The spirit levels have 3 gauges for easy reading in different positions (2 horizontal and 1 vertical vials)

Wall thickness 1.3mm for strength and durability

Yellow in colour for high visibility

Shock absorbing end caps

High accuracy 0.5mm / per metre


• 600mm x 50mm x 20mm
• 300mm x 50mm x 20mm

Total weight of the spirit level 230 grams for the 24" one and 135 grams for the 12" level