12" High Visibility Tempest Wind Direction Indicator Sailing Masthead Dinghy Yacht

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Tempest Masthead Wind Direction Indicator.

High visibility red point stands out from the sky and the black tacking tabs. Far easier to see than black versions.

12" size, commonly fitted to dinghies and smaller yachts.

Masthead fitment for unobstructed wind direction indication. Will not be shielded by sails or other running rigging.

High visibility red pointer.

Includes stainless steel mounting hardware.

Very light weight at only 45g including all mounting hardware. (35g without mounting hardware for comparison with other makes/models)

Fixed angle tacking tabs.

Aluminium shaft with high impact resistant plastic pointers and tacking tabs.

Friction free rotation even when heeled.

30cm (12") total shaft height.

30cm (12") pointer length.