120 Grit 50mm Medium Quick Change Sanding Discs Rust Paint Removal 100pc

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Professional sanding discs for commercial or occasional use

120 grit medium grit quick change discs

Pack of 100 quick change discs

Quick change discs simply unscrew them off and screw another one on for simple and convenient use

50mm / 2 inch diameter sanding discs

Best suited for general deburring and blending

Suitable for sanding wood, paint, varnish, plastic, plaster and a wide range of metals

Suitable for grinding, sanding, levelling, blending and finishing

Aluminium oxide sanding disc for maximum strength and durability

Long life and excellent anti clogging characteristics

Maximum 30,000 RPM

Higher speeds resulting in faster removal and increased productivity

Leaves a burr free surface ready for painting or coating


• 100pc x 50mm 120 grit discs