120pc Roll Pin Assortment Slotted Spring Tension Pin Securing Fastener AST12

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Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel.

Useful set of steel roll pins.

Set Includes;:

4pc 4mm x 16mm. 4pc 6mm x 16mm. 4pc 8mm x 20mm. 4pc 2mm x 6mm. 4pc 1.5mm x 5mm. 4pc 2.5mm x 16mm. 5pc 3mm x 16mm. 2pc 10mm x 20mm.

4pc 5.5mm x 30mm. 5pc 5mm x 16mm. 4pc 4mm x 25mm. 4pc 6mm x 30mm. 4pc 8mm x 40mm. 4pc 2mm x 12mm. 4pc 1.5mm x 20mm. 4pc 2.5mm x 25mm.

5pc 3mm x 25mm. 2pc 10mm x 40mm. 4pc 5.5mm x 45mm. 5pc 5mm x 24mm. 4pc 4mm x 40mm. 4pc 6mm x 45mm. 4pc 8mm x 50mm. 4pc 2mm x 25mm.

4pc 1.5mm x 8mm. 4pc 2.5mm x 30mm. 5pc 3mm x 30mm. 2pc 10mm x 50mm. 4pc 5.5mm x 16mm. 5pc 5mm x 30mm.

Comes in a plastic resealable tray for easy storage and transportation.