12pc 35° Offset Degree Spanner Set 6 - 32mm Double Ended Metric Ring Spanners

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.

-Manufactured from drop forged steel for strength and durability

-Metric double ended ring spanner

-35 degree offset which allows access into awkward areas a lot simpler and more efficiently

-Metric spanners.

-Box spanners so all enclosed.

-Highly polished mirror finish.

-Double ended so spanner sizes on each end.


- 1 x box spanner 6mm and 7mm total length 160mm
- 1 x box spanner 8mm and 9mm total length 180mm
- 1 x box spanner 10mm and11mm total length 200mm
- 1 x box spanner 12mm and 13mm total length 210mm
- 1 x box spanner 14mm and 15mm total length 230mm
- 1 x box spanner 16mm and 17mm total length 240mm
- 1 x box spanner 18mm and 19mm total length 255mm
- 1 x box spanner 20mm and 22mm total length 280mm
- 1 x box spanner 21mm and 23mm total length 305mm
- 1 x box spanner 26mm and 28mm total length 380mm
- 1 x box spanner 27mm and 29mm total length 400mm
- 1 x box spanner 30mm and 32mm total length 415mm

Comes in a tool roll for easy storage and transportation.