150mm Mixed Grit Hook And Loop Sanding Discs For DA Orbital Sanders

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Pack Size 50 Discs
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Professional sanding pads for commercial or occasional use

Hook and loop sanding discs suitable for the majority of sanders

150mm sanding discs

Mixed grit sanding pads

Designed for the automotive refinishing industry

Suitable for use on wood, metal, most fillers and paint

The discs are all hook and loop discs for easy attachment and removal

6 hole design eliminates clogging and dust extraction

6 hole design also reduces the amount of dust which means it can no longer collect in lumps on the abrasive surface

Eliminating the problem of dust clogging which causes defects in the sanding surface

Mixed grip ranging from 40 - 240 grit so suitable for a number of uses


• 10 x 150mm sanding discs - 40 grit
• 10 x 150mm sanding discs - 80 grit
• 10 x 150mm sanding discs - 120 grit
• 10 x 150mm sanding discs - 180 grit
• 10 x 150mm sanding discs - 240 grit

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