15m 50 Feet Compressor Airline Hose 10mm Internal Soft Rubber 3/8 BSP Thread

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

15 metres of airline workshop hose

50 feet compressor airline hose

A high rubber content airline

Rubber airline / hose is not as temperature sensitive as plastic hose so retains its flexibility in all temperatures

Rubber airline so wont crack when bent in cold or warm workshops


- Total length of the hose - 15 metres / approx. 50 feet
- Outside dimensions of the hose 17mm
- 10mm internal diameter of the hose
- Oil resistant
- Wall thickness 3.5mm
- Working pressure 20 Bar 294 PSI
- Burst pressure 100 Bar

Comes with a quick release fitting on one end of the hose and a 3/8 BSP male thread on the other side