18" 450mm Quick Release Rapid Bar Clamp Holder Grip Spreader Speed Clamps

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Pack Size Single Rapid Clamp
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Professional rapid clamp for commercial or occasional use

Ideal for use when working with wood, metal or any other material that needs to be joined

18” quick release rapid bar clamp

Quick speed trigger allows you to clamp your materials using one hand only

Can also be used as a spreader tensioner to keep materials separated

Strong and lightweight structure

Removable pads if required

Anti scratch plastic jaw guards protect the work surface being clamped

Single handed operation

Change to a spreader by simply unscrewing one side and fastening to the other

Maximum opening of the jaw 18” / 450mm

Heat treated clamping head for strength and durability

Quick release button allows quick removal as well as expansion of the clamp without taking it apart

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