18 Metres Brick Line String + Plastic Corner Blocks Brick Laying Building Builders

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Professional brick line and blocks for commercial or occasional home use

Quickly adjusted to ensure bricks remain straight and true

This listing is for 2 x brick line blocks and 2 x reels of polyethylene brick line

Easy line adjustment and storage

Contains 2 plastic “L” shaped line blocks that can be placed at the end or the corner allowing for the bricks in the middle to be laid efficiently / quickly and straight

Total length of the line 18 metres (there are 2 in this package)

Line is manufactured from polyethylene for maximum strength and durability

High Vis orange line for easy sight and identification

Ideal for laying out brick courses

Easy and convenient storage (packs away easy due to the shape)

Ideal tool for brick laying, building and ground work


• Brick lines and blocks
• Plastic L Shaped blocks (x 2)
• Easy line adjustment and storage
• Total length of the brick line 18 metres (each line, 2 in the package)
• High Vis orange line
• Manufactured from polyethylene
• Pack size – 1 x pack