19mm 1/2in Drive Diesel Fuel Injector Line Socket Open Ended Pipe Spanner

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Professional injector line socket for commercial or occasional use

19mm Injector line socket

Diesel injector line sockets

Diesel injector fuel line socket

Suitable for dismantling injector lines on most Mercedes Benz diesel engines

Facilitates the disassembly / assembly of Diesel Injection Pipes on injectors and other pipe fittings

Open 12 point socket for screwed in injection lines found on Diesel common rail injection systems

Manufactured from CR-v steel for maximum strength and durability

Extra long so perfect for access in restricted hard to reach areas

For screwed in injection lines on diesel common rail systems

12 point / open ended socket

1/2in drive so will fit any 1/2in drive ratchets, extensions etc...


• Injector Line sockets
• Socket size – 19mm
• Total length – 120mm
• Drive size – 1/2in
• Suitable for Mercedes Benz Diesel Engines