19pc Plastic Car Trim Panel Upholstery Audio Radio Terminal Removal Non Scratch

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Professional removal kit for commercial or occasional use

19pc removal kit for trim, audio and terminals

Makes removal of trims, screw clips, upholstery and attachments on your vehicle easy and painless

This kit contains tools to easily remove trim, moulding, door panels and dashboards as well as tools to remove audio equipment and to release terminals

Easy removal of trim fasteners, moulding and wheel hubs

No more using a flat head screwdriver that will damage the panel or trim

Manufactured from a special non scratch mix of nylon and fibreglass to ensure no panel damage to the removed area of vehicles

Non scratching material

Includes radio and terminal removal pins

Can be used interior or exterior

The car door panel and trim clip removal pliers are designed for the quick removal of staples, clips, door panels, facia and trim support without fear of damage

The jaws are designed to allow clip removal simply by squeezing the handles and the wide nose is designed to prevent breaking or tearing panels when undoing facings

This kit also includes car stereo removal keys and terminal removal tools for easy removal of wires from terminal connectors


• 11 x Reinforced Nylon (non marking) trim tools
• 2 x metal pry bar style trim tools
• 1 x trim clip removal plier
• 2 x audio equipment removal keys
• 3 x terminal release tools

Comes in a zip up pouch for easy storage and transportation