19pc Universal Terminal Release Tool Set Plug Type Connector Remover Kit

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19 piece terminal release kit for damage free, releasing of plug type terminal connectors.

Enables the release of terminals on most body wiring connectors.

Kit Includes:

1 x 2" Probe

1 x 2" Pry Bar

1 x 2" Pick

1 x 1/2" Sheath Cutter

1 x1 7/8" Flat Blade

1 x 7/8" Taper Flat Blade

1 x 2 1/8" Twin Prongs

1 x Spring Loaded Tube 3.3mm x 28mm

1 x Square Blade 1.4mm x 28mm

1 x Flat/Square Blade 1.5mm x 24.75mm

1 x Flat Blade 2mm x 23mm

1 x Fork Blade 8mm x 24mm

1 x Flat Screwdriver 3/16" x 1"

1 x Tube 3.3mm x 28mm

1 x Tube 4.3mm x 13mm

2 x 3.75mm x 13mm

1 x Flat Twin Blade 3mm

1 x Flat Twin Blade 1.6mm

This kit comes complete in plastic blow-moulded case with chart included which explains the most appropriate application and use for each component.