20 Litres Metal Fuel Jerry Can Holder Storage Container + Flexible Spout Pourer

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20 Litre jerry can and flexible spout kit

Professional jerry can for commercial or occasional use

Traditional jerry can with 20 litres capacity

Ideal for carrying or storing liquids

Steel construction for strength and durability

Fuel resistant lining so that the fuel will not corrode the can

Leak proof bayonet closure with pin ensures liquid will not spill during transportation

Includes an integral handle for secure carrying and controlled pouring

Thickness of the steel is 0.8mm so strong enough but not to heavy when using

Green powder coated finish internally and externally

Dimensions of the can 16cm x 36cm x 46cm


Professional jerry can spout for commercial or occasional use

Heavy duty funnel with fully flexible spout that fits jerry cans

Metal spout and clamp down fitting

Flexible nozzle allows access into more restricted areas

Fits most standard 5 / 10 and 20 Litre jerry cans

Flexible end piece to make it easier to fit into filler opening and to prevent damage to any paint work

Clips neatly on the can top to form a tight leak free seal and allows more accurate pouring

Provides easy pouring without spillages

Suitable for petrol, diesel and other liquids

Comes complete with leak free seal

Total length of the flexible spout 280mm

Total width of the spout head 18mm (allows a faster controlled pour)