200mm (8in) HD Braked Castor Wheel Rubber Tyre For Trolleys Trucks Carts

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Professional heavy duty castors for commercial or occasional use

200mm (8in) swivel braked castors

Each castor has a push brake mechanism to prevent the wheel from rolling when applied

Easy to operate brake, simply push down to apply and push up to release

Solid rubber wheels to prevent punctures and also to make the trolley more rigid and supported when using the castors

Ideal for a huge variety of uses from DIY to industrial purposes

Perfect for use on work benches, bookshelves, shopping carts / trolleys etc...

Heavy duty steel plate for strength and durability when attached

360 degree rotation on the castor

200mm swivel castor

Solid rubber wheel

Rubber tyre

Solid steel centre wheel

4 bolt plate fixings for maximum support on whatever trolley you make, fasten them to

Rubber castor to prevent damage to work surface rolled down but will also be a lot quieter than normal castors


• Heavy Duty Braked Castor
• Castor size – 200mm
• Wheel size – 200mm
• Wheel width – 30mm
• Height from the floor to the top of the bracket – 240mm
• Fixing plate size – 135mm x 110mm
• Bolt hole fixings – 105mm x 75mm

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