20mm Air Finger Zirconium Sander Sanding Belts 520mm x 20mm Mixed Grit

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Professional sanding belts for commercial or occasional use

20mm zirconium sanding belts

520mm x 20mm sanding belts

Manufactured from zirconium oxide abrasive for maximum strength and durability

Zirconium discs are a lot more substantial and longer lasting than ordinary sanding belts

High grain adhesion is for a long life which outlasts conventional discs

Perfect fro also removing rust, grinding welds, parting lines on casting and carbon steels or removing rough edges on most surfaces

Suitable for use on wood, paint, varnish, plastics, plasters, stainless steel and other metal jobs

Flexible, durable zirconium sanding belts

Closed grit spacing and tough backing

Fully resin bonded

Suitable for all 20mm air belt sanders or other electrical sanding machines that take a 520mm x 20mm belt


• 7 x 60 Grit 520mm x 20mm Zirconium discs
• 6 x 80 Grit 520mm x 20mm Zirconium discs
• 6 x 100 Grit 520mm x 20mm Zirconium discs
• 6 x 120 Grit 520mm x 20mm Zirconium discs

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