20mm Metric Flexible Combination Ratchet Spanner wrench 12 Sided 72 Teeth

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Professional flexible ratchet spanner for commercial or occasional use

20mm metric flexible ratchet spanner

Flexible headed ratchet spanner

Flexible head through 180 degrees, 90 degrees each way

Flexi headed ratchet spanner so ideal for access in tight restricted areas, where room to move is minimal

Manufactured from CR-v steel for maximum strength and durability

Combination spanner so one end is open and the other is an enclosed ratchet

72 teeth so works in 5 degree increments

72 teeth so less chance of the item slipping which allows for greater force to be applied to the spanner

Bi-hex (12 sided) ratchet spanner for maximum grip

Reversible by simply turning the spanner over

Total length of the spanner – 245mm


• Flexible headed ratchet spanner
• Size – 20mm
• 72 teeth (5 degree increments)
• Manufactured from CR-v steel
• HRC 42-49 Ring
• Flexible through 180 degrees (90 each way)
• Total length – 245mm