21" 535mm Tubular Tapered Bow Saw Bowsaw Wood Tree Branch Cutter Cutting

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

Heavy duty bow saw

21" / 535mm tapered heavy duty bow saw

Tapered body so perfect for sitting through wider items as they wont bottom out and hit the top frame (so ideal for cutting logs)

Tubular sectioning for the frame so strong but also lightweight

Suitable for a wide range of users including gardeners, builders, farmers, DIY enthusiasts

Suitable for cross cutting branches down to size

Correctly hardened for strength and durability

Sturdy tubular steel frame

Soft grip handle fitted with knuckle guard for added safety

Blade is quickly detached from the frame for easy replacement

Cover included from the frame for easy replacement and perfect for putting on when storing to prevent accidents

Cushioned grip also on the far handle as well as the closest one for added grip when it is a 2 handed operation


- 21" / 535mm - total length of the blade
- Total length of the saw 620mm
- Total distance between the pins for the saw blade 510mm
- Total height of the saw at its maximum - 200mm