21oz 600g Brick Layers Hammer Masonry Layer Laying Chipping Fibreglass Handle

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Professional brick hammer for commercial or occasional use

Brick building / laying hammer

Brick layers hammer with a hard fully polished face on one end and a chipping blade on the other

210z / 600 grams total weight of the hammer head

The total width of the head is 21cm / 210mm

Total length of the hammer is 34cm / 340mm

70% fibre glass shaft gives it strength and durability

Rubber ergonomic handle for comfort and grip when using this hammer

Handle bonded to body for maximum strength and durability

With having a fibre glass handle this makes the item a lot lighter when using

High quality unbreakable fibreglass core

Solid handle for maximum strength

There is a groove in the head this is there to cut the bands that hold the bricks / blocks together