21pc Left and Right Hand Brake Calliper Piston Wind Back Tool Kit AU019

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.

Universal 21pcs brake piston wind back kit

Suitable for push / wind back brake pistons

Includes left and right handed thrust bolt assemblies

Includes adaptors for most vehicles.

Precision made adaptor plates with thrust bolt assembly helps prevent damage to the seals, piston and boot.

Suitable for use on 2wd and 4wd vehicles.

Comes with full set of instructions for easy application.

The box is labelled so that you can find the right item for your vehicle, without having to try them all first, (please see chart below for specific individual jobs this chart also comes in the box)

Comes in a blow molded case for easy storage and transportation

Set Includes the Following:

(Labelled 0) 21/2" single pin disc for general motors, 79 Seville, El Dorado
(Labelled 1) Plate
(Labelled 2) 21/64" single pin disc for Citroen / XM, Xantia
(Labelled 3) 25/32" Three pin for Audi, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ford, Fiesta, Honda, Concesto, Jaguar XJ6, XJ40, BMW 318is, 320I, 518i, 525i, 740i, 850ci, M5, Mitsubishi Col, Nissan, Miera, Stanza, Sunny, Range rover, Austin, Metro 200 and 400 series, Maestra, Montego, Toyota, Camry, Volvo, VW, Passat, Golf, GTI.
(Labelled 4) 11/4" Na pin disc for Ford AU and NZ, Telstar, Laser, Mazda, Saab 9000, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Honda Prelude, CRS 161, GM santurn, Grand prix, Lumina
(Labelled 5) 3/8" adaptor
(Labelled 6) 121/32" two pin disc for Nissan Primera, VW Golf
(Labelled 7) 121/32" two pin disc for Audi 80/90/V8/100 coupe, Ranger rover 800, Subaru, Ford sierra, Granada, Scorpio, Nissan bluebird, Silvia, Primera, Peugeot 405/1.9Gi/Gro/Sri/Gtxi, Mi, 2.0 Sri, Toyota Celica corolla GT MR2, VW Golf / GTI / Jetta / Synchro / Jetta GTI, Passat CL / GL / GT Corrada / Sirocco / GTI
(Labelled 8) 17/8" single pin disc for general motors
(Labelled 9) 21/8" single pin disc for general motors, Cadillac Seville and El Dorado
(Labelled A) 13/16" two pin disc for Renault Laguna
(Labelled E) 121/32" four pin disc for Cefiro / Maxima
(Labelled F) 11/4" Two pin disc for Opel
(Labelled L) Left hand thrust bolt
(Labelled K) 21/8" single pin disc for Citroen C5
(Labelled M) 11/4" two pin disc for Ford
(Labelled N) 11/4" Hex disc for Saab, Honda
(Labelled R) Right hand thrust bolt
(Labelled O) Plate
(Labelled K1) 21/8" two pin disc
(Labelled K2) 1 25/32" two pin disc