23PC Torx Plus & Torx Plus Security Bit Set S2 TP/TPS10-60

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This handy set includes both Torx Plus and the increasingly popular Torx Plus Security bits used by many vehicle manufacturers.


10 x Torx Plus 6-Sided Hex Bits:

6mm Hex Drive: TP10, TP15, TP20, TP25 & TP30.

10mm Hex Drive: TP40, TP45, TP50, TP55, TP60.

10 x Torx Plus Security 5-Sided Bits:

6mm Hex Drive: TPS10, TPS15, TPS20, TPS25 and TPS30.

10mm Hex Drive: TPS40, TPS45, TPS50, TPS55 AND TPS60.

1 x 1/4" Drive x 6mm Hex Adaptor

1 x 3/8" Drive x 10mm Hex Adaptor

1 x Magnetic Bit Holder - 1/4" Drive (M) x 6mm Hex (F)

This kit comes complete with plastic storage case with rubber corners and hanger for easy storage.