24mm Metric Box End Wrench Slogging Striking Spanner Impact 12 Point 3/4in Dr

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24mm Box End Wrench / spanner

Metric box spanner

For commercial brake callipers on front and trailing axles

Allows assembly and disassembly of the brake callipers

Box end striking wrench / spanner

Suitable for assembly or disassembly of the brake calliper screw connections without removing the steering tie rod

With 2 striking faces for either tightening or undoing

Impacted steel for maximum strength and durability

As well as it being hit with a hammer there is also a 3/4" (20mm) cut out that is perfect for a 3/4” drive ratchet / power bar

12 point profile facilitates application even on hard to reach screw connections


• Box End Wrench
• 24mm Metric Box spanner
• 12 point profile
• Central 20mm / 3/4" square drive
• Impacted slogging wrench
• 2 striking surfaces
• Total length – 220mm