25mm MDPE End Stop Water Pipe Cap Shut-Off Compression Fitting Coupling

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25mm MDPE Water Stop / End Cap

Designed to stop the flow of water through a pipe line.

Polypropylene compression fitting

For MDPE (medium density polyethylene) pipe

Performs well under pressure, with impact resistant nut and body

Suitable for use with underground cold water systems as it copes well with high thermal and mechanical stress


• 25mm water stop / end cap
• For 25mm diameter pipes
• Pressure Rating: 16 bar.
• Safety Factor: 3.
• Operating Temperature: 20°C @ 16 bar, 45°C @ 10.8 bar, 70°C @ 3.4bar.

Standards: UNI 9561-9562, UNI EN 712-713-715, UNI ISO 7/1, ISO 14236, UNI 2233.

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