26mm Metric 3/4" or 1" Drive Deep Impact Socket 6 Sided With Step Up Adapter

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Professional socket for commercial or occasional use

26mm 3/4" or 1" drive impact socket

This kit comes with an adapter (3/4" to 1" drive step up adapter)

This adapter converts a 3/4" drive ratchet to a 1" drive socket

The adapter is separate so you can use just this on its own without the socket if required

Metric socket

3/4" or 1" Drive socket so will fit any 3/4" or 1" drive ratchet / impact gun / power bar etc...

Single hex / 6 sided socket

Extra thick walled for added strength and durability

Manufactured from chrome molybdenum with a black phosphate finish for added strength and durability

Inner depth of the socket 35mm

Total length of the socket 80mm

Suitable for use on all impact guns

Perfect for HGV or agricultural use

Impact socket

The adapter is manufactured from chrome vanadium steel and treated for strength and durability

Suitable for use with impact gun as impacted socket as well as impacted adapter

Adapter comes complete with hole in the end to attach a ratchet to stop it from falling off when using

Adapter also has a ball bearing on the other end to stop the socket from falling off when using