2pc Multipurpose Metal Snips Cutters Cutting With Stainless Steel Blades

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Professional metal snips for commercial or occasional use

Set of 2 multipurpose metal snips

Heavy duty cutters capable for cutting a wide range of materials

Suitable for cutting angle beads, wire netting and cutting metal sheet to a maximum thickness of 1.5mm (along with various other materials)

Stainless steel blade

The cutting object will accommodate objects up to a maximum of 10mm (maximum jaw capacity not cutting capacity)

Stainless steel blade for maximum strength and durability

2pc set includes straight and angled snips

Total length of the snips 225mm

Rubber ergonomic handles for comfort and grip when using this tool

Comfortable handles to reduce fatigue in the hands whilst using the tool

Both of the cutters have a safety lock so that the blades are shut and locked when not in use to prevent accidental injury

Both of the cutters come spring loaded for ease of use

Solid steel construction for maximum strength and durability