2pk Boat Topside Protector Mooring Rope Chafe Guard Dock Line Cover 10-16mm

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2 Pack of MaxiChafe Topside/Rope Protectors. Will protect both your boat and your mooring/dock line from chafing, rubbing and marks.

2 Protectors Supplied.

Genuine Fendequip maxiChafe product.

Three layer fluffy acrylic weave matierial is very soft and gentle to boats and lines.

Helps prevent marks on boat topsides and decks caused by lines rubbing. Will even provide protetion to hull graphics and vinyl lettering.

Hand made in England.

Protects mooring ropes/lines from damage due to rubbing or chafing.

Hook and loop fastening. Simply pull open the protector and then close the protector over your dock line.

100% UV Resistant.

Suitable for lines 10mm to 16mm diameter.

Total length of the protector 1m.