2PK Medium Durable High Bounce Rubber Scent Fetch Ball Duo Ball Dog Ball Gift

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For dogs who love to play ball!

Unleash a world of scented fun with these Sniff Fetch Ball Duo.

Infused with either bacon or peanut butter scent, these fetch balls attract your dog to it with its mouth-watering aroma, making it easier for your dog to find during games of fetch.

This 2-ball pack features an exciting combination of Peanut Butter and Bacon scents, designed to stimulate over 100 million scent receptors in your dog's nose.

It not only makes finding the ball easier but also amps up the fun factor in every fetch game.

These Sniff Fetch Balls are meticulously crafted from durable, natural rubber, with an extra-thick core for extended durability.

They promise high bounce, buoyancy, and are tough enough to withstand even the roughest of play sessions.

Perfect for both land and water games, these balls also pair seamlessly with all Medium Launchers for an engaging game of fetch.

Invest in the Sniff Fetch Ball Duo and watch your furry friend indulge in an irresistible playtime, packed with delicious scents and plenty of active fun.

The Duo pack includes 1 x bacon flavoured ball and 1 x peanut butter flavoured ball

Highlights / Features

Infused with either bacon or peanut butter scent that dogs love

Compatible with medium Launchers

Entices your dog’s sense of smell during play

Durable natural rubber with an extra thick core

Sizes 6.3cm diameter (2.5 inches)