3 / 4 / 5 / 6" Fixed Rubber Caster Wheels Trolley Furniture Castor

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Size 3" (75mm)
Pack Size 2 Wheels
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SKU: CST01_2Pack
Heavy duty steel plate

Solid black rubber wheel with plain bearing.

Steel centre

Ideal for a huge variety of uses

4 bolts plate fixing and solid rubber wheels

Various pack sizes available


3" Castor

Overall Height: 95mm

Wheel Size: 75mm

Tyre Width: 21mm

Fixing Plate Size: 68 x 82mm

Bolting Centres: 50 x 65mm

4" Castor

Overall Height: 130mm

Wheel Size: 100mm

Tyre Width: 32mm

Fixing Plate Size: 82 x 104mm

Bolting Centres: 60 x 85mm

5" Castor

Overall Height: 150mm

Wheel Size: 125mm

Tyre Width: 40mm

Fixing Plate Size: 85 x 105mm

Bolting Centres: 62 x 88mm

6" Castor

Overall Height: 195mm

Wheel Size: 150mm

Tyre Width: 45mm

Fixing Plate Size: 105 x 135mm

Bolting Centres: 85 x 110mm