3/4" Drive Ratchet Socket Driver Reversible 20 Teeth Total Length 500mm

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Professional ratchet for commercial or occasional use

3/4" drive industrial ratchet

3/4" drive ratchet so will fit any 3/4" drive sockets, extensions etc...

Forward and reverse at the click of a lever on the ratchet head

Reversible ratchet so can tighten or undo

20 teeth mechanism so works in 18 degree increments perfect for when extra torque / pressure is required and less chance of the item slipping when in use

Extra long for when extra torque pressure is required

Total length of the ratchet – 500mm

Head can be unscrewed from the bar for easy and compact storage and transportation

Knurled grip on the bottom of the ratchet for use in oily, slippy conditions


• 3/4" drive ratchet
• Reversible ratchet
• Total length – 500mm
• Quick release
• HRC 41-43