3/8" And 1/2" Drive Spline Triple Square Impact Impacted Sockets M6 - M6H 6pc

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Spline / Triple square Impact Sockets

3/8" And 1/2" Drive

Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel and hardened for strength and durability.

Triple square / spline / 12 sided sockets this limits the amount of wear on the corners of the fastener and the socket as you have more sides / teeth on the socket biting onto the item.

SET Includes; SIZES :

M6 (total length 50mm) 3/8" drive

M8 (total length 58mm) 3/8" drive

M10 (total length 67.8mm) 3/8" drive

M12 (total length 108mm) 1/2" drive

M14 (total length 108mm) 1/2" drive

M16H (total length 108mm) 1/2" drive tamperproof (hole for security bits)