3 Ton Webbing Sling Recovery Strap Tow Rope Snatch 4 Metres x 90mm Wide

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Professional webbing sling for commercial or occasional use

3 ton webbing sling

Ideal for towing or pulling and have reinforced eyes at each end

Flexible structure to fit the load without damage to both the load and the sling

Easier to safety check compared to chains as no hidden corrosion

Total length of the sling 4 metres x 90mm wide

TUV / GS approved

Tree trunk protector

When using a tree as an anchor point in a recovery situation, wrapping cable, rope or a chain around it can cause damage to both your equipment and the tree

This tree trunk protector has extra wide webbing which eliminates the risk of ring barking and helps to ensure safe vehicle recovery

Manufactured from durable 100% polyester for maximum strength and durability

Folded, reinforced eye for easier fitment to shackles

Ideal for throwing round trees, forklifts etc.....


• Webbing sling
• Total capacity – 3 ton
• Total length – 4 metres
• Total width – 90mm
• Reinforced ends
• TUV / GS approved