300mm / 12in Internal Brick Profile Clamp Fastener Holder Wall Clamps Tongs

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Professional internal bricklaying profile clamp for commercial or occasional use

Internal brick profile clamp

300mm (12 inch) internal brick profile clamp

Long thread length makes it ideal for larger areas or can be used with bricks or blocks

Easy use to clamp the profiles to the brickwork on internal corners

As well as for brick work ideal for holding furniture together to allow glue to set

Internal corner use

Connect the profiles to one another and get an accurate guide to building the wall straight

Hold and secure objects together to prevent movement or separation by applying inward pressure

Manufactured from galvanised carbon steel for maximum strength and durability

T bolt thumb screw to apply pressure

Simple and convenient to use


• Internal Bricklaying profile clamp
• Total length – 300mm
• Thread length – 60mm
• T bolt thumb screw
• Galvanised carbon steel

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