32 - 152mm Hole Saw with 1/2" Shank Chuck Cutter Bi-Metal Drill

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Size 32mm
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-Ideal for electricians, plumbers, mechanics and other heavy duty users.

-HSS (High Speed Steel) Hole saw

-Bi-Metal construction

-Suitable for cutting holes in a wide range of materials including mild steel / stainless steel / cast iron / brass / aluminium / wood / plastics / copper UPVC / Acrylic glass / Bronze

-Manufactured from high quality steel with M3 cutting edge for fast clean heavy duty cutting action

Sizes available from 32 - 152mm diameter suitable for a range of cutting.

Holesaw Adaptor

-Holesaw Arbor for fitting saw onto a drill

-Fitted with a 6mm / 1/4" HSS centre pilot drill

-Hex to fit the drill and prevent the chuck from slipping

-Not suitable for hammer action on the drill

-Set screw in the Arbor allows for easy replacement of the pilot drill when worn

-Shank size 11mm so will fit most drills with at least a 1/2" chuck

-Total length of the arbor 125mm

-Quick release locking system