330mm x 10mm Mixed Grit Durable Abrasive Sanding Power File Belts Sander

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Pack Size 5 Belts
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Professional sanding belts for commercial or occasional use

330mm x 10mm sanding belts

Mixed grit sanding belts to cater for all needs and requirements

Flexible, durable aluminium oxide sanding belts

Suitable for use on wood, paint, varnish, plastics, plasters and light for metal sanding jobs

Suitable for the majority of portable machines / sanders

Fully resin bonded

Mixed grit abrasive sanding belts

Suitable for all sanders as well as other machines that take a 330mm x 10mm sanding belt

Coarse (60 grit), medium (80 grit) and extra fine grit (120)


• Sanding belts – 330mm x 10mm
• Aluminium oxide belts
• Length of the belt – 330mm
• Width of the belt – 10mm
• 2 x 60 Grit belts (coarse) – PER 5 PACK
• 2 x 80 grit belts (medium) – PER 5 PACK
• 1 x 120 grit belt (extra fine) – PER 5 PACK

This is a multi variation listing for 5 different pack sizes, simply click on the tab above to select the correct pack size required.

These packs are mixed grit so per 5 pack you will receive 2 x 60 grit, 2 x 80 grit and 1 x 120 grit, so with a 25 pack for example you would receive 20 x 60 grit, 20 x 80 grit and 10 x 120 grit