3pc Door Lock Hinge Drill Bit Centering Set HSS Drills 2.8 – 4.5mm Wood Or Metal

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Professional hinge drill set for commercial or occasional use

3pc hinge drill set

Used for drilling pilot holes for hinges

Suitable for drilling through metal, plastic, wood and many more materials

Self centering drill bits put hinges right where they should be in the centre

Simple to use and install

HSS drills for maximum strength and durability

Hex shank

Positioned accurately and will not shift, the saw dust will discharge from either side of the top of the drill so won’t get stuck or blocked


• 1 x 7/64” (2.8mm) drill
• 1 x 9/64” (3.5mm) drill
• 1 x 11/64” (4.5mm) drill