3pc Silicone Sealant Tool Set Scraper Spreader Spatula Caulk Removers Removal

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Professional sealant tool set for commercial or occasional use

3pc sealant tool set

Suitable for the removal or application of silicone whether in the kitchen or bathroom

Applies the caulk / sealant / bonding effectively and with minimal mess

Manufactured from plastic so wont scratch the surface which the silicon is being held (for example on tiles and other surfaces)

No need to dampen the surface to aid in removal

Enables use on rough surfaces

This kit now enables no loose edges of silicone being left that trap moisture leading to mould and leaks

No need for masking tape

Suitable for any joint from 0mm – 28mm


• CAULK SCRAPER TOOL – Specifically designed for both forward and backward use when removing old sealant
• CAULK TIP APPLICATOR- applies and smooth’s caulk in one easy step
• DUAL APPLICATOR – smooth’s caulk in narrow or wide joints for the ideal finish