3pc Tail Pipe Expander Exhaust Tailpipe Muffler 29-89mm Motorcycle Car Spreader

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Made from drop forged steel which has been heat treated, these three tail pipe expanders were made to straighten out any dents in your muffler and tail pipe from the inside.

There is a hole on the end of each of the three different sized expanders so you can fit a T-bar or just use the hex handles to fit a wrench so you can turn the handle easier.

This set comes complete with spare O rings and a blow moulded case to keep you expanders in.

To be used in the automotive industry or for the home mechanic who needs exhaust system repair done cheap and easily.


Type : Exhaust pipe expanders
Small expanders size : Pipes from 29mm to 44mm
Medium expanders size : Pipes from 38mm to 62mm
Large : Pipes from 52mm to 89mm
How to use : 19mm socket with ratchet or a 19mm spanner
Uses : To expand thin walled pipes
Spares : 6 x O-Rings
Storage : Blow moulded case

Enables two equal sized pipes to slot over each other for a better joint by expanding one pipe so it slots over the other
The tool will also remove clamps marks, dents. It also has many use out the motor trade
Full set of 3 x expanders to fit small, medium, large cars, 4 x 4's and commercial vehicles

3 x Exhaust pipe expanders
1 x Storage case
6 x Spare O-Rings