4 Leg Lifting Chain Sling with Clevis Grab Hook 2 Metre 10mm Chain WLL 6.7 Ton

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Professional 1 leg chain sling for commercial or occasional use

4 leg chain sling

Simple but highly effective lifting chain slings are designed for use in a wide variety of construction and rigging applications

The sling has a working load limit (WLL) of 6.7 tonnes

Conforms to all EN 818-4 (grade 80) standards

This product has a safety catch to enable a safer and more secure lift

Spring loaded catch always springs back o closed when not physically moved (please do not use this sling if this spring is broken)

Comes complete on a chain 2 metre total length with 10mm thick links

Complete with master link for easy and quick attachment onto already used existing tools

Also comes with 4 x grab hook shortneners (for shortening the chain so that it can be hung in a safe manner and to stop the chains from tangling up as well)

As well as this it makes the chain sling fully adjustable so can be used in different lengths in different scenarios

Complete with ID tag stating lifting capacity


• 1 x master link – WLL – 6.7 Ton
• 4 x connector link – WLL – 3.15 Ton
• 4 x grab hooks (shorteners) - WLL – 3.15 Ton (Grade 80 Chain)
• 4 x 2 metre chain / 10mm links – WLL – 3.15 Ton (Grade 80 chain)
• 4 x clevis hook – WLL – 3.15 Ton
• Complete with identification Tag
• Safe working load – 6.7 Ton
• Effective working length (EWL) of chain - 2 Metre

Please note that when using this it is important to ensure that adequate safety precautions are adhered at all times and if ever in doubt please do not use